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Life In New Kirk 66: Among Us by AnAdminNamedPaul
Life In New Kirk 66: Among Us
This was originally two separate comics, but I found a way to merge the two plots into one. Thus, the huge comic.

So yeah, the world of Life In New Kirk not only has military grade robots in hiding but also have creatures living among the "normies". Most of them try to avoid conflict and disguise themselves as normal humans or Furs, which means some normally trays away from people who can see them.

Elizabeth's family is an exception; since their clan was gifted (or cursed) with the strong sixth sense, they can see these beings as clear as day and grew used to them. Pictured with her grandmother, Patience, are their closest creature friends and two of which are now living with Elizabeth. These are (top to bottom, left to right):

1. Jörmungandr Junior AKA "J.J."- A (currently) 5-year old Jörmungandr baby that happens to be the largest creature Granny Patience rescued so far and acts as the guard dog for the isle her cottage is located at.
2. Benny and Hille- a pair of Coonigator twins living with Patience. 
3. Xander- a 23 year old half human cyclops. He's arguably the strongest but very meek and timid, usually seen covering his single eye with his long hair. He lives with Kesla and Bess.
4. Clayton- a clay golem. Acts as the Patience residence's handyman though not allowed to do anything that involves water and/or extreme heat. Can reform itself.
5. Houdini- a Snipe kept at Patience's coop. Known for its disappearing ability as a defense mechanism.
6. Mango- A Mongolian Death Worm with a birth defect, missing its species' notable acid spraying organ. Rescued and relocated to Patience's isle.
7. Damion- A Jersey Devil. Frequently stays at the Patience residence but is more of a wild animal that grew fond of the creatures and people staying there.
8. Julius- Elizabeth's boyfriend and one of the last few remaining leprechauns. A bit of a trickster but cares for everyone as a family. 
9. Potato- A jackalope. Bess's pet and the reason Asin is no longer allowed to name anything.
10. Kesla- a Rusalka, Slavic wild nymphs that resembles crocodiian women. She's the toughest of the gang, both literally and figuratively, and was the first of the few who decided to live out of Patience's isle. She now lives with Bess and Xander and looks after them. She loves booze, playing pranks on men, and is known to show off her powerful bite.
11. Axle- An axehandle hound that lives in Patience's isle.
12. Lechuza- A Mexican weather witch that comes in the form of a giant owl, a harpy, or a human with talons for hands. She can summon and control lightning and thunder as well as know a few potion making. She looks after Asin the most since she and the young creature have been living together before Patience rescued them.
13. Khazim- a djinn. He is a powerful flame elemental who Lechuza grew to like and the two often hang out. He is a very homey person, enjoys cooking and cleaning among many other chores. 
14. Douglas AKA "Doug"- a brownie, English elves that apparently enjoys cleaning houses. While most brownies prefer doing the cleaning at night, Doug found it (obviously) easier when more people help the with the chore and thus like to think he's in charge of maintaining he house. Despite his youthful appearance, he's really 500 years old.
15. Jose-A chupacabra, vampiric canine-like creature and Asin's favorite. He feed on raw meat and is fond of Asin.
16. Bess- A selkie. She's mute by nature and communicates by hand signs, loves seafood dishes and seems to have a crush on Xander but can't express her feelings due to her shyness.
17. Asin- A young nameless cherokee ogress that Lechuza raised from a baby and probably the most child-like. She eats raw meat and is practically immortal, capable of surviving various attacks. In turn, she's agile and stronger when going feral and can only be calmed by Lechuza. True to her species, she has a craving for live babies but can easily be talked out of it.
18. Dog- a floating dog-like homonculus. Doesn't have a brain and apparently exists only to eat and be happy.
19. Georgette- An Eldritch, a powerful ancient otherworldly being of indescribable strength and form. Her true form only appeared once when she tried to protect Patience's isle and no one slept that day. She's very quiet and expresses very little.
20. Chris- Elizabeth's bestfriend and a Wendigo outcast. He is a rare docile type and once saved Liz as a child. Since then, along with Patience, he looked after Elizabeth and continues to do so as he, Liz and Julius moved to America. He, like many of kind, is immortal and is one of the few that can easily devour other creatures. 

Fun fact: Axle, Potato, Lechuza, Asin, Georgette, Dog and the Coonigator twins are recycled characters from my old account

The creature attacking Liz and getting shot is The Seed Eater from the creepypasta Through The Trees.

c) Life In New Kirk
Life In New Kirk 62: Fans In Disguise by AnAdminNamedPaul
Life In New Kirk 62: Fans In Disguise
Based on how I started my mini-collection of Transformer toys back at 2014 and very slowly growing as of today. I read the webcomic, felt nostalgic, found a place that sells old transformer toys, started my collection among others.

And yes, Waspinator is loved.

(c) Life In New Kirk
Sabrina (c) E.W. Schwartz
Been a while since I did a tag!

:poke: by :iconthegreatwarrior:


1. Pick 6 characters in any order
2. Don't change the questions
3. Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4. Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5. Have fun!



1. Edwina "Winni" Duncan
2. Jennifer "Jenny" Craven
3. Autumn McCrea 
4. Bella Springsteen 
5. October Falls 
6. Lou

1. [5] October Falls is deeply missing someone. Who is it and why are they so important?

I wouldn't say it's someone but rather it's "something"; it's been three years since she had gone out with another man and while she likes to show off that she is doing well without being clingy to a guy, there is a part of her that's longing for the kind of affection that people who are in love gets.

Her last relationship was a disaster; what she thought was a sincere man was only a facade and her ex was secretly seeing another girl and was using her wealth for the other girl's expenses. (And this does not include the attempted murder but that's a story for another time) Because of this, she is really conserved when it comes to a relationship to the point of non-existent but what she really want is to be loved for who she is. She doesn't know this personally and it's going to take some time but here's to her trying in the future...

2. Who could make [1] Edwina do anything for them if they asked? (Does not have to be your OC)

Her boyfriend Lou; he's a very loyal bugger and loves her dearly, though at times he can be a little handful as sometimes he does go overboard. Thankfully for him, Edwina's a patient girl and knows an effort when she sees it.

3. Would [6] Lou have the guts to kill [2] Jenny? Explain your answer.

I don't think so. First of all,   Lou is 2 to 1.5 feet shorter than the girl. If anything, I'm afraid  Jenny's large boobage would suffocate the little guy whenever she give him hugs! 

Second, why? Lou may have a short fuse for rude and annoying customers but he's not homicidal; he might picture them getting hurt or killed, but in real life he's surely going to chicken out. 

4. A science experiment goes terribly wrong and [1] Edwina gets 24 hours approximately left to live. What will [1] do?

Tell Lou that she had the most fun in her life and she's happy to have been his girlfriend; tell her three best friends that life is worth it and do their best to reach for their dreams, and finally, thank her dad for being there all the time.

5. [3] Autumn's birthday had come up and [4] Bella gave [3] Autumn a gift. But, turns out [3] Autumn hates it. What will happen next?

Bella and Autumn are bestfriends so it's obvious Autumn's gonna lie about hating it. She might hide whatever that gift is in her hyperspace tail and spends a few days thinking what to do with it. If Bella notices that she isn't using it, Autumn will either say that "she's waiting for the right occasion" or "my pet raptor ate it"

P.S. she does have a pet raptor that claws a lot...

6. What will [5] October become when s/he grows up? Any achievements [5] October is planning to achieve?

She's already a grown up and a successful one at that; she works as an image consultant who had been handling celebrities, shop openings and even a few politicians. Although her job can be a constant pain, I guess the only thing she wants right now is to fall in love again...even if she's not aware of it sometimes. (See questionairre 1)

7. [6] Lou going out shopping with [2] Jenny and they offer to buy [6] Lou something. What is it?

A My Little Pony vinyl figure. Lou's a brony, Jenny's into cute stuff; I really think these two can hang out sometimes now that I'm seeing this...

8. [4] Bella is extremely close friends with [3]Autumn; is anyone jealous?

Not that I know if; I could say Bella's boyfriend Yuri but the way I picture it, he is okay with her and Autumn hanging out since he is pretty close to Autumn as well. The three of them are very good friends and they know how to be patient and understanding.

9. [4] Bella and [1] Edwina are on a boat and [1] Edwina decides to go swimming. Yet something caught [1] Edina and now s/he is starting to drown! [4] Bella is in the boat, but does [4] Bella help [1] Edwina ?

On yeah, she will. The twelve year old girl might panic for a bit but she will try to save this woman.  Maybe by paddling the boat nearer to her and use the oar to help Edwina grab unto something.

10. [2] and [5] are in the same room, with the lights off. [1] walks in. What is their reaction?

Edwina: sees her friend Jenny and her boyfriend's  friend October drunkenly making out*

o-o...*slowly backs away*

Well...least Jenny's no longer a virgin.


12. [1] Edwina is on a hike with [5] October and [5] October faints! What will [1] Edwina do?

Edwina's dad is a cop so she is taught a few CPR. She will try to resuscitate the fox back into consciousness and don't you forget it!!!

13. Movie night with [2] jenny and [3] Autumn. [3]Autumn makes [2]Jenny watch porn with them. Reactions?

Autumn: okay, Jenny. Your friends told me you don't know anything about porn so they asked me to teach you about it.  What I have here are Double Z behind-the-scenes adult tapes that show how porn is made and the business around it. Now, this is going to be very messy and I was told you can be naive so I want you to be honest with me if you're feeling a bit uneasy.

So, any questions before we start?

Jenny: Yes, is their a lot of licking in this tape?

Autumn: we are in for a long night...

(Wow. I think I just found my future comic strip!)

14. Would [6] Lou repeat their life if they could? Why or why not?

He might consider at first but in the end, he'll think it's going to be a lot like Doctor Who or Back To The Future and go "aww, screw it! My life's already complicated as it is and I like it that way!"

15. Who would get into trouble faster, [2] Jenny or [4]Bella?

Jenny. Seriously,  with a body like hers there's going to be a lot of trouble...guy trouble...

16. [1] Edwina, I dare you to go find [5] October's weak point.

Edwina: ...starts stroking October's back down to her tail*
October: O///A///O!!!!

=///w///= purrr....

17. Who's the party animal between [1]Edwina, [3]Autumn and [4]Bella?

... *slowly turns to Autumn...who is now pulling Redfoo out of her tail fluff*

18. [5] October wakes up one morning with blood all over their face. [3] Autumn slept over and is no where to be found! [5]October goes down stairs and sees [3]Autumn. What was the story? (Let [3]Autumn explain)

Autumn: You must be wondering about the blood. Welp...would you consider this house being invaded by a pair of robbers only to be attacked by my pet raptor, accidentally hit you unconscious over the nose while  they flail before I pushed them into my tail "funny" or "terrifying"?

meanwhile, inside Autumn's tail...

19. [4], from 1-10, how good looking would you rate yourself?

Bella: um...a six?

Autumn: With those puppy eyes, bouncy hair, and surprisingly natural vanilla scent?! You're a 10 you dolt!!!

Bella: but it says rate "myself"

Autumn: The devil with false modesty!!! >8U

20. What's your favorite thing about the opposite gender, [5]?

October: ...hurm...I dun't know...big strong arms and warm hands?
Lou: but I got tiny hands!
October: that is why I only like you as a friend, Lou.
Lou: I can accept that!

21. In your opinion, [6], what's the worst thing about the opposite gender?

Lou: clothes shopping. Especially if it's shoes!

22. [2]Jenny calls [5]October over for an "emergency". [5] October rushes over and [2]Jenny tells [5] October to entertain them. How does [5] October respond?

Jenny: I'm rilly lonely Q3Q

23. Is there anyone who you think about, [6], when you hear the word bed?

Lou: *blushes a bit and tries to avoid eye contact with Edwina*
Edwina: *does the same*

24. {6} Lou, would you marry your current significant other right now if they asked? If you don't have one, who from this meme would your marry right now?

Lou: ...Look, I'm in love with the best girl in the world and I'm sure our marriage is inevitable, but I don't think now is the right time! I'm happy but i'm not crazy!

Lou and Edwina high fives*

25. The meme is over! All of you relieved or happy? (Don't forget to tag if you want to!)

Edwina: sure am~ *winks*
Lou: oooh... alright!...after lunch!
Edwina: of course after lunch UuU
October: can we eat at Shakey's? I got a discount coupon for a party sized pizza and it expires tomorrow!
Bella: Oh! I want a milkshake!
Autumn: make mine a chocolate!
Jenny: PIZZA!!!!

I tag:

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Paul Aniceto
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I'm a Filipino Nerd with a penchant for all things weird, messy and overly theatrical. Loves to draw, write, and read at a highschool level. Has a thing for slashers, monsters, comic books, Doctor Who and collecting knick-knacks such as a certain line of toys based on a 2010 reboot of an 80s cartoon about talking, rainbow colored ponies.

But if you wanna see my old, old, Old Dead Account? drop by :iconhewhowalksdeath: for more art!...which is mostly crap...

Well, my subscription's about to end, and I have to thank some of you guys for giving me the opportunity to update this account as my own! 

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