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Life In New Kirk 14: Furry Satchel by AnAdminNamedPaul
Life In New Kirk 14: Furry Satchel
Admin Note: The flamethrower on the 5th panel is my own little tribute to Larisa Korolev of the super-kewl webcomic Sandra and Woo.

Without Larissa, there won't be an Autumn McCrea breaking physics and pulling things out from her hyperspace fluff.

(c) Life In New Kirk
Chives the baby onion monster (c) :iconanadminnamedpaul:
Well, my subscription's about to end, and I have to thank some of you guys for giving me the opportunity to update this account as my own!
3 deviants said Don't mention it!
3 deviants said Herbie?
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2 deviants said Can I pet the baby raccoon?
2 deviants said Since when are you into furries?

Tagged by :iconthegreatwarrior:

Well, a new art series means new characters; what better way to know a little bit of them than an OC interview?

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Lou: Just call me Lou. 
October: October Falls, but my friends call me either Octie or Tobi
Eddie: Edwina Duncan. My friends call me Eddie.
Lou: Or "Winnie!"
Davis: My name’s Davis Loucka, but you can call me Davis or Davey
Summer: Summer McCrea and this here’s my kid sister, Autumn McCrea
Autumn: You can call me Autumn. You can call my sister whenever you feel like calling her~!
Bella: I’m Bella Springsteen, but my friends call me Bells, Belle or, for Autumn’s case, “Marshmallow”
Elizabeth: My names Elizabeth Rain, or Liz for short
Hannah: Hannah Gallagher, but just call me Hannah!
Mrs. Strawman: Natalie. But call me Mrs. Strawman, unless your’e a very close friend

2.What is your current age?
Lou: I’m 22 years old
Autumn: whoa-wait…so, you’re not 15?
Lou: :icondeathstareplz:
October: 24 yrs old
Eddie: I’m 19!
Davis:  23!
Summer:  24!
Autumn: I’m 13! Basically a teen so, you lonely hot dudes out there, I’m available~ UuO
Bella: I’m 12 ^^
Elizabeth:25 years old
Hannah: I’m young and 24!
Mrs. Strawman: 28 years old
Hannah: whoa, really? You look so young!
Mrs. Strawman: U///u///U well, I do stay in shape…

3. What's your favourite food?
Lou: Dang, that’s a tough one; um…uh… a meatball sub?
October: Chocolate ice cream. It’s my guilty pleasure…
Eddie: I love pasta! Especially lasagna!
Davis: Burger. The bigger and juicer they are, the better!
Summer: I don’t eat a lot of varieties since I’m vegan, but I do love truffles!
Autumn: Beef Jerky…I’m rebelling against my squirrel-y nature!
Bella: I love vanilla pastries! ^^ especially cream puffs!
Elizabeth: You can’t beat a good pizza!
Hannah: A lot of potato products! French fries, hash browns, chips…God, no wonder I’m plump.
Mrs. Strawman: anything so long as it isn’t tuna…I hate tuna.
Lou: but you’re a cat!
Mrs. Strawman: Your point?
Lou: …n-nothing, ma’am. Please don’t raise my rent.

4. And your favourite drink?
Lou: Milk soda!
Eddie: hmm…rootbeer I guess?
Davis: Hey! I like rootbeer, too! 8D
Summer: A nice veggie shake!
Autumn: A concentrated slushie. Mmmmm sugar!
Bella: I like milk!
Autumn: Ah, so that’s your secret!
Bella: secret?
Autumn: to why you’re so taller than me!
Bella: but I’m only taller by an inch-
Bella: o-o…frosty head?
Autumn: cuz your hair’s made out of vanilla icecream!
Bella: …8U….8I
Elizabeth: Lemonade Sprite!
Hannah: A nice cold glass of Dr. Pepper! Cherry!
Mrs. Strawman: appletinis

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
Lou: Eddie U///u///U
Eddie: My little louie~! *huggles Lou*
October: …After my last boyfriend tried to cook me alive by setting my apartment on fire, just his greedy lil bastard paws on my wealth? Yeah, no, no boyfriends for me for a long time…
Davis: o-o…whoa…er, I mean, yeah, I got a girlfriend! And she’s sitting right next to me!
Summer:  darn straight she is! *kisses Davis on the cheek*
Autumn: I might after ten to five years, but Bella does! It’s Yuri! That cute Russian boy that hangs out with us-
Elizabeth: I’m not seeing or interested in anyone lately so, no.
Hannah: <8D….why must you remind me of my single status in life…<8,D whhyyyyyy?
Mrs. Strawman: My husband Wilbur.

6. Have you kissed yet?
Lou: 9///u///9
Eddie: Lou! Answer the questions! <XD
October: yeah, duh, the bastard was my boyfriend! Whaddya think?
Lou: uh..Octie, calm down. He’s gone from your life.
October: it’s just….I dunno…
Eddie: Just don’t answer any questions you don’t feel like answering, okay?
October: *wiping a few tears off her eyes* s-sorry…okay…
Lou and eddie: *gives the interviewer a glare*
Summer: …um…can we get a five minute break? Please? Thank you *went to get October a glass of water*

(Five minutes later)

Lou: okay…where were we?
Davis: I guess it’s my turn?
Lou: right, right!
Davis: yeah, me and Summer kissed…and more~
Summer:  you dork! 9-9 *gives Davis a punchie on the shoulder*
Autumn: I once kissed a toad when I was five thinking it’ll turn to a prince. All I got was a three-day bed rest for near- poisoning…best extended weekend EVUH!
Bella: 6///-///6
Autumn: ooooh…didja?
Bella: I-I’m not…uh…
Bella: A-Autumn! DX
Autumn: did he just pecked ya? Or did he gave you a full tongue swirlie?
Davis: …Autumn, h-how old is your sister again?
Summer: She’s thirteen…amazing how fast they grow old these days.
Elizabeth: Hmmm…I did, but that’s a secret~
Hannah: <8D…why?...whhhhhyyyyyyyy?
Mrs. Strawman: Well, duh, he IS my husband!

7. Classic question! What's your favourite colour?
Lou: Blue and red!
October: pink~
Bella: gasp* you two?
October: yep! Wanna be my pink sister?
Bella: ^^, *giggles*
Eddie: Gold!
Davis: Green
Summer: a night shade or purple!
Autumn: black and blue and red all over! Like a corpse!
Elizabeth: violet. Color’s refreshing for my eyes
Hannah: hmmm… I guess it’s
Mrs. Strawman: hot pink. Or velvet.

8. Who's your favourite author?
Lou: Christopher Pike, Stephen King, Clive Barker, R.L. Stine...and, uh…
October: Elizabeth Gilbert
Eddie: Jery Spinelli
Davis: Anthony Burgess
Summer: Haruhi Murakami
Autumn: E.L. James…yeah, THAT E.L. James~
Bella: Jack Canfield!
Elizabeth: L Ron Hubbard! Though I’m only a big fan of his non-scifi writings
Hannah: Stephenie Meyer
Mrs. Strawman: Roland Dhal

9. Now what's your biggest fear?
Lou:  o_o *recalls that one time in the beach…where he “nearly-drowned”
October: Fire…it’s not that serious, but I sometimes…you know…
Eddie: I can’t really tell…I think it’s roaches. Eugh!!!
Davis: Rednecks. Farmers, and farmers’ mums.
Summer: I once had an irrational fear of being alone in the dark, but I think I got over that
Autumn: Being…NORMAL! *dun dun dun!*
Bella:  um…c-creepypastas…
Elizabeth: snakes
Hannah: …well, might as well say it. I’m afraid of getting too fat.
Mrs. Strawman: meeting my ex-husband…that sonova-

10. Any siblings?
Lou: I got two sisters back at the Philippines. I’m related by blood to one of them while the other’s adopted.
October: I got four; my eldest, Mae, is in Russia, my teen brother August, who is studying at New Kirk Campus of Creative Arts, and my baby bro, Luther who's living with my parents back at Rhode Island!
Eddie: I’m a single child, so I am grateful I have great roomies living with me. They’re kinda like my sisters
Davis: I got 11 brothers and an older sister. Would you believe I am the youngest?
Summer and Autumn: booyah~! *gave each other fist-bumps*
Bella: I’m..really not sure. I was adopted when my family passed away when Hurricane Isabel hit Ohio, but I wouldn’t mind having a baby brother or sister!
Elizabeth: I had a brother.
Hannah: I got a younger sister living in Maryland with my mum!
Mrs. Strawman: I have an older brother and two sisters back at Tennessee

11. Almost done, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?
Lou: Twilight Sparkle!
Everybody else: -_-
Lou: well, it’s either her or Godzilla!
Hannah: We would prefer Godzilla. Or anybody else
October: My mum. You have to meet, her, she’s incredible!
Eddie: Guess it’s my dad. He did became overbearing once but he cooled down!
Davis: Yeah, I have to go with my dad, too. I mean, he’s mean and all, but he just wanted what’s best for me. I love him for that.
Autumn: pfft, that’s easy! Muh Big sis! UuU
Summer: awww~ *huggles her kid sister*
Bella: My mum and dad!
Elizabeth: my Gramma. If only I could tell you what she did but uh, I don’t think you’ll believe me.
Lou: well, try us!
Elizabeth: Really? You’ll believe me when I say she saved monsters all over the globe?
Lou: o-o…ouo really?
Elizabeth: *giggle* nope! (disclaimer: yes)
Hannah: My uncle Sam!
Lou: your…uncle’s name is…Sam?
Hannah: yep! Best father figure ever!
Mrs. Strawman: I’m gonna sound a broken record for this one but, yes, it’ll be my husband.

12. Okay, who's your worst enemy?
Lou: my height.  
October: I made a lot of enemies with my job; those who wanted my client to fail or representatives of rival compaies. And then there's my ex.
Eddie: I don’t have any “worse” enemies. Just enemies. I try not to let them bother me.
Davis: hunters, farmers and farmers’ mums.
Lou: dude…you never encountered any farmers… or any of their mums.
Summer: my weight…I MEAN CARBS! I-I MEAN…yeah, it’s carbs.
Autumn: Bella
Bella: <8U what?
Autumn: kidding! She’s my best friend!...but dang, why do you have to be so dang cute!  My envy is getting ‘hungwy! >8U Lemme eat yo face!
Bella: <8I…
Elizabeth: rouge monsters that are out to destroy the mortal realms.
Lou: o-o are you still joking around, cuz that sounds kinda awesome!
Elizabeth: if only it was real! UuO (it is)
Hannah: I’m with Summer on this one! Stupid fat butt…
Davis: but some dudes prefer fat butts! Hence the song “Wiggle, wiggle!”
Mrs. Strawman: Again, my EX-Husband. You got clod on your ears?

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
Lou: Well, that’s either good or bad; good cuz I get to hug Twilight, or bad cuz Godzilla’s gonna stomp me shorter
October: Oh, they did! She threatened my ex with shotgun! And then she went to county jail for firing at him but when she got back, she got a hero’s welcome!
Lou: O-O…dude…your mum’s badass!
October: yes. Yes she is!
Eddie: my dad’ll talk to them like a normal human being. But there's a chance he'll be tazering them.
Davis: He’ll throw them farmers off a window.
Lou: Again, what is up with the farmers?!
Summer:not too good; my sister will always tries to convince me to go carnivore 9-9
Autumn: Not much; Bella hangs out with us all the time so, it’s no biggie!
Bella:wait, what was I afraid of again?
Mrs. Strawman: you never get to answer, honey.
Bella: oh…
Elizabeth: that’ll be awesome!
Hannah: mah fat butt and mah uncle?...eww! Why would you say that?! >8U ya perv!
Mrs. Strawman: it happened. That’s how I ended up living in here in Ohio with my darling!

14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?
Lou: God? …well, my first initial reaction would be “holy shit, I’m dead?!”
October: I guess I would be asking him too. Something about why Furs like me and the rest exists
Eddie: Well, I would thank Him for giving me such an eventful life…either ‘so far’ or just at the end, y’know?
Davis: I would complain to him of  how am I the shortest of all my siblings? Heck, even my sister’s taller than me!
Summer: interesting; well, if I ever meet my creator, I would ask him why am I a squirrel? Why not a lion or a duck?
Davis: you would ask him why He didn’t made you a duck?
Summer: Or something like that!
Autumn: I would go “HISSSSSSSS!!!!!” and crawl back to the underworld. And then chuck a can of kibbles at Him.
Bella: I guess I’ll thank Him for giving me such wonderful adoptive parents and lively friends!
Elizabeth: I…should not answer that one…(knows more than one god. Some of which she already encountered AND survived against)
Hannah: I…don’t know…freak out I guess?
Mrs. Strawman: well, one should not complain about the hardships one had to go through if the reward is worth it…I guess I just have to ask him not to make my husband’s life any harder…

15. what do you want to be when you grow up?
Lou: A movie director! Mostly B-flicks!
October: I wanna be a mum for an adorable kid! …that or a successful lawyer!
Eddie: I want to be a player in the London Philharmonic Orchestra! That or be a teacher!
Davis: I want to be a computer programmer. A successful computer programmer!
Summer: I wanna be a big shot artist, but realistically, I just want to settle down!
Autumn: A robot-mutant-squirrel controlled by the brain of Stalin!
Bella: O_o
Autumn: Hey, it was either him or Hitler!
Bella: that…is just so wrong
Autumn: Oh yeah, yoghurt head? What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Bella: A doctor?
Autumn: ppffft
Elizabeth: I might just go back and run that shelter my gramma once owned…I’ll leave that in the future where it belongs.
Hannah: I wanna be married and loved. As simple as that!
Mrs. Strawman: I want to be a mum.

16. What's your worst nightmare?
Lou: Figuratively or literally?
Eddie: I think they meant dreams!
Lou: oh, well, I once had this dream where my heart broke out and started killing people. And it spoke in English English!
October: Well, I once dreamt I lost my job to a typewriter. Don’t ask but it was horrible.
Eddie: I once dreamt I waked to school naked.
Lou: Winnie, that’s not a nightmare. That is a wet dream!
Eddie: >8Y it was nightmarish for me!
Davis: I once dreamt I was turned to a REAL wolf and I have to hunt for a deer…it…was..terrible
Summer: I once dreamed I was a nut…and I ate myself
October: …wha-what? How?
Autumn: I once dreamt Bella’s hair was made out of ice cream…and I ate some of it
Bella: <8) um…okay?
Elizabeth: I once dreamt this long-armed clown attacking me. Luckily I turned the tables and had a pet monster eat him alive.
Hannah: five words: Giant Hash Browns chasing me
Mrs. Strawman: …it…was more like flashbacks, actually.

17.What's your life-long dream?
Lou: To direct a film?
October: Find a loving family of my own!
Eddie: I want to play at the London Philharmonics! I think we went through this!
Davis: either develop a new OS or an online game!
Summer: I want my work to be immortalized in museums!
Autumn: to be the government’s best highly trained assassin!
Bella: I want to be a nurse…or a doctor, whichever one comes
Elizabeth: Well, it’s kinda complicated without spoiling much (She wants the world to accept that there are monsters hiding out there cuz they are frightened of what the “normies” would do to them and have them living without discrimination. Dang that’s a mouthful!)
Hannah: I guess find a boyfriend and be loved. That or run my own T-shirt business
Mrs. Strawman: Kids. My own. Seriously, where you not listening?

18. What would you do if your life-long dream came true.
Lou: <8D
October: <8D …happiness
Eddie: just squee until my lungs gave out!...or until I get tired! ^^;
Davis: make all the dang games I want!
Summer:  just go to said museum and admire the beauty…which is my art!
Autumn: I’ll come for you and check if you have a high bounty on your head
Bella: happy of course!
Elizabeth: Then I would sleep…ALL DAY!
Hannah: <8D…(unaudible happy noise)
Mrs. Strawman: probably sleep. I heard childbirth’ll take a lot of strength from you.

19. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?
Lou: My room!
October: next to a window. Love the calming view
Eddie:  The house we’re renting has a balcony. Sometimes and my roommate just hang out there
Davis: the park. Especially if it’s the afternoon!
Summer: You mean the same park where you and I first met?
Davis: maybe~
Autumn and Bella: COOLS! That 50s style malt shop near our school! They make the best milkshakes!
Elizabeth: The roof of my house!
Hannah: the backyard!
Mrs. Strawman: under my husband’s sleeping arms. UuU

20. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Lou: Just…being a geek!
October: Looking into files and reports. Sometimes I relax with the two Fluffs me and Lou owns.
Eddie: I study and practice my viola!
Davis: Nerding out with Lou, or whoever’s available!
Summer: Painting!
Autumn: plotting my next prank, watching TV, or just trolling some idiot at 4Chan
Bella: studying, do homework, talk with Autumn over the phone
Autumn: -and dreaming about YUUUUUURIIIIII~!
Bella: …*bites Autumn at the shoulder*
Autumn: ARGH! My Killing Arm! 8U
Bella: U3U there! Now we’re even!
Elizabeth: UuO
Hannah: watching bad TV Soap operas. ^^;
Mrs. Strawman: just working on some paperwork and cooking.

21. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT.
Lou: o3o...:poke: Eddie's boob
October: >8Y
Lou: o3o ...hey, they say Tag whoever I want!
October: That's right! Tag whoever, not whatever you want!
Lou: ...:poke: October's boob
October: >8U


Paul Aniceto
The Living Proof that Idiots will Rule Their World

I'm a Filipino Nerd with a penchant for all things weird, messy and overly theatrical. Loves to draw, write, and read at a highschool level. Has a thing for slashers, monsters, comic books, Doctor Who and collecting knick-knacks such as a certain line of toys based on a 2010 reboot of an 80s cartoon about talking, rainbow colored ponies.

But if you wanna see my old, old, Old Dead Account? drop by :iconhewhowalksdeath: for more art!...which is mostly crap...

Well, my subscription's about to end, and I have to thank some of you guys for giving me the opportunity to update this account as my own! 

3 deviants said Don't mention it!
3 deviants said Herbie?
3 deviants said Potato
2 deviants said Can I pet the baby raccoon?
2 deviants said Since when are you into furries?



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I regret that I was not able to know you sooner. (Not eulogy intended) Of all the people in the workplace, you're someone I could talk to without degrading my intellect. Here's to new journeys, Friend. :) cheer up!
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In the near future, would you be interested in drawing a cosplay or Halloween pic featuring October dressed as Callie Briggs from SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron?  Although she's a humanoid fox and Callie is an a humanoid cat, I think they resemble each other enough for October to pull it off.
AnAdminNamedPaul Featured By Owner 6 days ago
that's impossible...

There's a Callie Briggs existing in October's universe! Although her position is quite different (read:"realistic") and the Swat Katts cartoons based their Callie from her. Long story...
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That's one vivid imagination you have.  Well, thank you anyway.  =)
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