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Adventure Time Presents:

In Love and War

(The grasslands. The once plain fields are now burned to cinders by an on-going fight between two figures, one a blazed, the other spewing lightning from his arms. The combatants, two princes from two separate kingdoms, battle it out while a blue-skinned half flower, half humanoid girl and her green-plantoid sister from the Veggie Kingdom walked out of the tree fort, one part of it blown open.)

Bloomette: Oh Grod, I never knew this is gonna happen! It's all my fault!

(Title Card: 2 days ago)

(Deep in a forest, a giant tree stump turned greenhouse lies; the Veggie Kingdom, where the people of Veggie Village come from, owned and ruled by The Herbal Princess and her family of unusual people. It was morning.)

Herbie: (pours a bowl of chili over a working electric fan and watches it shreds the meal all over the kitchen.) Mmm-hm...(jots down notes in a notebook)

(does the same to a bowl of popcorn; popcorn shreds all over the kitchen)

Hmmm...(writes notes)

(Herbie then dropped a block of warmed cheese into the fan and watches it get stuck on the fan's blades and destroys it motor*)

Herbie: interesting.

Bloomette; um...Herbie? what are you doing?
Herbie: Oh! Bloomette, morning! Shall I cook you breakfast?
Bloomette: uh-huh, no, it's okay. I'm just gonna go out and get some milk from Mrs. Cow. So, um, I'll be gone for a while okay?
Herbie: Sure! Walk safe!
Bloomette: will do! Bye Pazulu!
(a random black frog croaks*)

(Bloomette stepped out of her house and puts on her traveling boots, but when she looked down to inspect her footwear, she instead picks up a letter and saw it covered with hearts and her name's written all over it in multiple colored pencils)



(Bloomette narrating over a scene where a young red haired boy writes down the love note)

Bloomette: It was a love letter, from a secret admirer who's been itching to ask me out for a date. His name was Prince Flint and he's the youngest royal son coming from the Firecracker kingdom. He put a lot of heart to that letter but not enough to give it to me personally, so he left it in our doorstep that morning and left.

(returning to the time Bloomette got the letter. She's sitting on her desk in her room when...)

Bloomette: oh gosh...- (a brick was thrown through her window) AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!

(Herbie came running and kicks her down down while a running double-sawed chainsaw is on her hands*)

Bloomette: (points to the block)

(The cube "stood" up and morphs into a tiny robot)

Cube-bot: Whoa! chill! I'm sorry!
Herbie: You got ten seconds before I get my air rifle! Explain!
Cube-Bot: Well, I was sent by the Watt Kingodm to deliver their majesty, Prince Zap's warmest desire for your sister's company. He's thinks her personality is electric and he's watt-ing to ask for a date.
Herbie:...are you...are you trying to make electric puns?
Cube-Bot: It's a tradition in our kingdom, "plus" it's fun!
Herbie: I didn't hear a pun on that one.
Cube-Bot: Oh you just think so~ ;)
Bloomette: um, excuse me, if I may have a say?
Cube-Bot: of course!
Bloomette: Mr Cube-Bot, I'm very flattered that Prince Zap wanted to date me, but, I'm not ready.
Cube-Bot: oh, why is that?
Bloomette: Cuz, I already have an admirer who wanted to see me already, and I...well, I'm not really sure of what's going on here, so, I uh...

I want a day to think it over!

(Bloomette: Narrating* and I did...)

(The next day)

Bloomette: (lying on her bed with a pillow pressed over her face) Pazulu! What am I gonna do?! I don't know if I can do all the things my Dating Manual taught me. Those two boys...oh why do they have to like me! There's nothing special about me...

( sits up and looks at herself on the mirror)

But...I don't want to turn them down either.

(grabs the pillow, pressed it on her face again and let out a muffled scream)

Herbie: (crawls out under her bed) If you're really troubled why not ask somebody what to do-
Bloomette: yanked her feet back up the bed* AAAIEEE! HERBIE! WHAT-?
Herbie: oh, I'm working on my tunnels again! Gotta prepare for the apocalypse!
Bloomette: uh-huh. Herbie, how did you go on your first date?
Herbie: (remembers that her very first date was a trip to a fastfood store with an Ice Cube Prince. Herbie shooks off the idea and thinks up of another date she had) well, let see...(cleans herself from the dust and sat next to her sister) oh that's a funny story actually! I went with two boys! Nic and Gordie!
Bloomette: Nic? As in you went with Prince Nicoli! Prince Honeybee?!
Herbie: yup and Prince Pumpkin himself. Don't worry about your crush, we didn't do much. The two goofs asked me for prom and thought they could try score on me. Luckily I was too smart for them so I ended up with neither. But yeah, if you like, you could tell them that you don't want any serious relationship for the moment and that you three should just be friends!
Bloomette: you think they will take it kindly?
Herbie: Bloomie, if those boys really love you, they should be okay with that! Remember, Bloomette; "real love waits". Heck, if Bit can wait five to six years just to finally confess his feelings for me, then why not these boys. Just let them down gently, kay Sprout?
Herbie: Now, if those boys had something special in mind for their dates, and they're asking you out at the same time, I say why not go on a double date?
Bloomette: what?! um... you mean take them both out? at the same time?
Herbie: why not?
Bloomette: if they get all weird about it?
Herbie: then make peace with them and try to find the best solution between it! Bloomette, believe it or not, yer smarter than me...well, not smarter, but more sensible! Just be yourself, be fair and everyone's bound to have a good time, okay love?
Pazulu: ...Croak*
Bloomette: *giggle* I know right? Ain't she the greatest?
Herbie: hehe, shut up, blister! (huggles Bloomette)Looks like you've been taking good care of him.
Bloomette: Of course! He's the best birthday present you ever gave me! (kisses Pazulu on the mouth)
Herbie: you'll get warts if you keep kissing him like that.
Bloomette: 6///6 who else am I supposed to practice with?
Herbie: Chives-
Bloomette: no.
Herbie: (nervous giggle) hehe...

(insert title card: NOW. 2 minutes earlier)

(Bloomette readies herself with a Sunday dress she got from a lamb named Madeline that Herbie requested a few months ago. She frills herself in front of the mirror hoping it'll look alright. On the guest room, Herbie fixes her boyfriend's collar. Bit, a blue-skinned guitarist and the youngest prince from the Band Kingdom, sighs as he watches Herbie tightened his neck tie* )

Herbie: don't get used to this, blue boy, when we get married, you have to stop wearing these ties. (wry smile*)
Bit: you have to force me first.
Herbie: (giggles) oh? You know I can- (bloomette clears her throat behind them*)
Bloomette: sitting on their couch* Thanks for coming with us on our double date, guys. I'm really nervous.
Herbie: (blushing madly) It's cool!
Bit: (flustered) Y-Yeah! I'm sure it'll all work out!
Bloomette: you guys...( picks up a glass of ice tea and drinks it when there's a knock on the duo's door )
Bit: I got it!

(When Bit opened the door, there stood the Firecracker Prince; dressed up in red and orange motif oriental robes, the young pony-tailed boy walked in greeting both Finn and jake with a fist bump)

Flint: Yo! Finn! Jake! what up?
Herbie: nothing, my brother~ nothing, just the lovely ladeh~ (presents Bloomette)
Flint: whoa, you really dressed up...
Bloomette: hehe, um...yes. hi.

(awkward silence)

Flint: I uh...(clears throat) that's a sweet idea for us to have this "double date"!
Bloomette: You really think so?
Flint: yeah! I mean, of course, if my heart shall beat for a young ward such as yourself, then I shall gladly beat along to one ward's own!
Finn: dig it?
Flint: I dig!
Bit: (peering through their door) Oh, dudes! the second guy's coming!

(Herbie opens the door and there stood a nearly limbless blue boy. His hair straightened silicon strands and his knees and elbows are electric surge.

When Prince Zap and Prince Flint caught glimpse of each other, the two went furious.)

Both: YOU?!
Herbie: Yeah, You! what?
Zap: Our kingdoms are in a feud! That Burning menace over there had over-heated our core system!
Flint: Well your bolts set my village on fire!
Bloomette: um...
Herbie: uh, Bit?
Bit: yeah?
Herbie: Any clues?
Bit: yes.

It seems that Bloom's two dates are the princes of two kingdoms at war. Prince Flint is from the firecracker kingdom, a place seated in between the borders of the ice and fire kingdom. Firecracker people are very sensitive to heat, so they had to keep dry for most of the time and avoid any source of heat, or else they'll ignite themselves, and their land, into a blazing inferno.

However, the feud started sometime when the Watt People, who is under the rule of Prince Zap, decided to move their kingdom in a nearby location in the ice kingdom. The cold, it seems, was to ensure their body wouldn't overheat and, at the same time, keep the bolts in their body at full surge with all the water in the air.

Herbie: okay, so how does watt people living in the ice kingdom started a feud?
Bit: um, about months ago when the ice king tried to kidnap the princess from the Firework kingdom. Finn and Jake saved her and Zap offered to thaw her out but uh...

(flashback: Zap thaws and accidentally ignites the princess with his power, causing a chain reaction of explosions)


(The two princes began to charge up, glowing with powedered fire and electrons surging)

Herbie: guys. duck.

(Herbie, Bit and Bloomette ran and ducked behind the couch when the room exploded open and the two prince began fighting. Zap shot lightning bolts from his palms as Flint dodges them and flicks firecrackers at his opponent. The two went on with their fight as Herbie, Bit and Bloomette stepped out of the rubbles)

Herbie: (turns and spots the burning grassfield) OH MY GLOB!
Bloomette: Oh Grod, I never knew this is gonna happen! It's all my fault!
Bit: well, whatever they're fighting about, they're not gonna stop, look!

(Flint starts firing more exploding fire balls at Zap, hitting the electric Prince on the face. He fell down to the grass as Flint stomped on his back, but Zap quickly recovers and grabbed Flint by the foot and bolts him completely. The sparks from Flint's body ignites the dry grass around them and it spreads)

Bit: How? Hate to point this out, love, but you two are less flamable than I am!
Bloomette: This is all my fault, i brought them here, I better go and talk some sense to them!
Bit: No Blooms, you'll be putting yourself in danger if you do that!
Bloomette: i don't care!
Bit: there's gotta be a way to- (spots a water hose) I got it!

(Flint got Zap on a choke hold and continues to fire exploding fire balls at his captive's face)

Zap: (punched Flint on the face to free himself) I COULD ASK THE SAME TO YOU!

Your kingdom. Your fires are an irritating hassle, DO YOU HEAR ME?! A HASSLE! THE HEAT! WE CAN'T TAKE IT!
Flint: why not move then? then maybe, WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR SPARKS IGNITING OUR LAND!

(The two puts their stance, about to charge when they both suddenly got doused with a hose)

Flint: Song prince, stay out of this!
Zap: yeah! This is a war between two kingdoms, and I think it's about high time we settle this once and for all!

(Zap, with his body doused, his bolts were strengthened. He shot one at Flint and it knocked him off his feet, hurling him through the forest. There was a sudden explosion, and fireworks bursts out of the woods. Flint, now ablaze with multicolored flare, shot out of the forest and hits Zap with a charged kick.

Bloomette watches in horror as the two brawls it out, the forest now on fire. Her eyes teared up as she finally let out a scream.)
Bloomette: ENOUGH! (runs to the quarrel, while Bit gave chase)
Bit: Bloomette! No! You'll be roasted!
Bloomette: I DON'T CARE! ALL! I! WANT! IS! A! FUN-

(Bloomette trips on a dislodged tree bark. The two princes took a head-on collission that ended with a large explosion, the impact creating a large wave of fire that was about to cloud Bloomette. Bit ran to her but it was too late, the flames engulfed her completely.

Or so he thought.

A black streak jumped towards the flames, taking it and apparently absorbing the flares through his two adorned jewels. The two prince fell on the dirt, bruised and burned, turned to see the cloud of fire clearing, Bloomette tripped and laying on the nearly burnt grass, and a coal skinned man standing in front of her. The man turned to the fallen flower girl and offers her a hand)

Coal Prince: you okay, Bloomette?

(Bloomette stared at the man; his coal skin warm from the assault, his white hair streaked in grey, he was lean yet built. The flower girl reached for his aiding hand and the prince pulled her up)

Coal Prince: i got here as soon as I got my feet back, I heard all of the commotion going on so I rushed to save you-
Bloomette: How did you- who are you?
Coal Prince: I'm Edmund the Coal Prince. You may remember me as..."Pazulu".
Bloomette: ...wait, what? I-
Coal Prince: I'm the frog you've been keeping, Bloomette. I'm actually cursed by a Swamp Witch to be trapped in a frog's body until I recieve's a true love's kiss...
Bloomette:  (flusters) WAIT, "training kisses"...
Edmund: set me free...thank you...and uh...(flusters) sorry...
Bloomette: i-it's okay...(looks down)

(Prince Zap and Prince Flint ran towards Bloomette, both crying out and asking if she was hurt. Edmund blocked them and gave them both a punch on the cheek)

Edmund; you boys. You two nearly killed Bloomette.
Edmund; it doesn't matter now. You two agreed to have a friendly date with Bloomette and you blew it by bringing up a personal war between your clan. How can I trust you two with her now that you revealed yourselves to be no more than children.
Prince Flint: but-
Edmund: wouldn't matter now. It happened; time for both of you to move on.
Prince Flint: looks around and glances at the destruction they had caused*'re right. I'm sorry.
Edmund; I'm not the one you should apologize to.
Prince Flint:...I'm sorry, you guys. Zap, even though I still hate you, i think it's time we settle this fued aside-

(suddenly, a warm block of cheese hits him on the eye. Zap turns at the attacker and himself gets cheese. Herbie returns with a large wooden gun with a bubbling couldron of cheese strapped behind her back)

Bit: ran back gasping* HERBIE! WHAT THE HEY IS THAT?!
Herbie: Well, remember that little "experiment" I did some morning ago? I was researching for what's the best food to turn into a weapon. Turns out cheese was the way to go.

It's my new Cheese Gun! Made from biodegradable material and a hot fondue maker! This'll keep those two from beating the pile at each other-

Flint: ugh ( tries to stand up but got shot back with Herbie's cheese gun) AGH! THERE'S NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS GOODAH!
Edmund: Herbie, they calmed down.
Herbie: (stares at Edmund for a minute before asking) are?
Edmund: I'm the frog you bought for your sister...uh, in his normal form.
Herbie:... yeah right. Well, whoever you are, I like yer figure~!
Bit: (clears throat) um, guys, hate to break this up, but we do have a forest fire spreading, and it's not gonna be long before it reaches the Plastic Kingdom...where everything's flammable plastic.
Edmund: Don't worry, i got that covered. Just, uh, help Herbie de-cheese these two.
Bit:...who're you?
Edmund: (shrugs and ran off to absorb the flames)
Bit: (turns to Herbie) who's that?
Herbie: I have no idea.

(after an entire afternoon of Edmund absorbing the flames, Bloomette, Bit and Herbie starts to replant some new seedlings while Flint and Zap cleans up the burnt dirt and wood. The whole gang finished by late midnight, Herbie and Bit sat down, while the the other four bid their goodbyes.)

prince Zap: So, we're cool now, right?
Prince Flint: yeah, I guess. Sorry, we ruined this day, Bloomette.
Bloomette: It's okay, really. I'm just glad to had made some buds along the way.

(The young flower girl walks to the two and gave them a kiss on the cheek. The young lads blushes madly.)

Edmund: Bloomette.
Bloomette: uh, yes? (blushes madly)
Edmund: I gotta go now, I'm sorry that you lost yourself a pet, but least you made some good friends, right?
Bloomette: you really have to go away?
Edmund: (holds the little girl's hands) Blooms. I won't forget you. But my people needs me now. I'll see you soon. (leans and kisses her head)

(Both the other two princes and Herbie saw this and stares in disbelief.)

Prince Zap: (stares)...Flint..did we just got served?
Prince Flint: (stares)...Indeed we are...friend... wanna gang up on him?
Prince Zap; aw heck no, did you see what he can do?!
Prince Flint: right, right...

Herbie: ...Bit...did Bloomette just find herself a boyfriend?
Bit: (chuckles) looks like it.
herbie; old is he?
Bit; ...I have no idea.

(Edmund leaned at the young flower girl and glanced at her face. Bloomette's face is now beat red, smiling and very jittery. Until she "spores")

Bloomette: (yellowish spores puffs violently out of the three pistils growing out of her head. She blushes madly after this) I-I'm sorry-

The End.
A very late post. I made this some months ago but got buried after being piled up by my work. Both art and real life work.

Featuring an adopted OC, Edmund the Coal Prince, My new OC Prince Zap and :iconask-edwin:'s Prince Flint.

With special mentions :iconask-madeline-the-lam::iconask-prince-pumpkin::iconaskprincehoneybee:

Apologies if it sound a little "rushed" but I did my best. Also, apologies for any butchering done. You know what I mean.

All OCs belong to their respective owners
Adventure Time (c) Pen Ward/ Fred Studios
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