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Sea Kingdom Citizen Contest-Bobert Eeldom by AnAdminNamedPaul Sea Kingdom Citizen Contest-Bobert Eeldom by AnAdminNamedPaul
((Hehe, yeah. I better bot pile my gallery up with OCs like this. ^^; For The Sea Kingdom Citizen Contest!))

Bobert Eeldom
age: 50 (550 actually...)
Length: 9.8 feet
Weight 30 kg (without suit)
sex: male
species: cursed humanoid-turned talking moray eel
occupation: "residential kook", hoarder, inventor, town's fool

Originally Dr. Robert Earldom, a respected yet very serious marine biologist working on an animal research center months before the great mushroom war, Earldom was once contacted to Australia to help a team of fellow researchers in studying a captured "anomaly"; a mermaid. Though skeptical at first, Earldom agreed to help the rouge team only to find out they were telling the truth and it was indeed a captured mermaid.

The mermaid pleads to the men to release her and tries to warn them of the upending Mushroom war, though their ignorance persisted, forcing the mermaid to curse them into various marine life, with Earldom being an eel, in order for her to escape. Earl, then, quickly escapes into the waters, regrettably leaving the others behind as they all end up as seafood cuisine by the time they were found. Now alone and cold, he tried to adjust to his new life as an eel, but found out that he still have his human sentience and is capable of speaking perfect human verbals, thus, however, scaring away most of the fellow fish he talks to.

Hoping to regain his former body, Earldom spent the next ten years of his life looking for the same mermaid who placed the curse unto him, which he did eventually, at an underwater kingdom where she was the princess. After harrowingly escaping with his life when he tried to trespass into the Mermaid Princess' Sweet Sixteen party, he learns from the locales of a sea witch who can undo his curse at a fee, thus forcing Earldom to began performing tricks he learned as a humanoid, earning him enough gold and treasures to pay with.

That fateful day, he visited the witch, who was residing near the very depths of the abyss, to have the curse removed; originally, the witch refuses to undo it, but after mentioning he was jinxed by the princess (and showing her the massive tokens he collected), she agreed, but unfortunately died halfway when hydrogen bombs began dropping into the ocean, entrapping him into the cold, dark, bottomless pit.

For the next 490 years, Earldom, unable to adjust to the darkness and rendered immortal by the botched spell, went into depression, and ultimately, dementia until the rocks covering the pit began to crumble in time and frees him. As he emerged, Doctor Robert Earldom was dead, and out came Bob Eeldom! A sentient eel who possesses unfathomable knowledge of sciency stuff but rendered insane (though harmless), self-acclaimed residential kook who began residing in the Angler Princess' kingdom, "working" as a hoarder, garbage-worthy inventor and as a "guy who will most likely throw whale dung at you when agitated"

Acquitted at least 14 times, and enjoys visiting the surface by using his "Surface Suit".

Fun facts:
~ VO would be Bobcat Goldthwait
~ favorite food is unsalted cheese
~ is a vegetarian who likes meat
~ once tried to eat a baby whale, and lost the tip of tail for it.
~ He found that metal hand sticking out of a freshly drowned ogre corpse's butt
~ most likely to bite you or scream at you when you touch the corals growing on the rusts of his "Surface Suit"

((and this is perhaps, intentionally, my worst OC evah~! XDD))

(c) :iconherbie-and-company:
ToshirotheKnightWolf Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD epic cool :D
DrahgonWolves Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD lol, this is awesome
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